When you entrust your valuable documents to a courier company only to have them show up hours after the scheduled delivery, you become acutely aware of the consequences of being late. At Action Courier, we understand just what being on time means to our customers.

In 1980, when Mike Pillor, our president, founded Action Courier, we set out to create a company very different from our competitors. We think that we’ve done just that.

With a from-the-top-down quality control system unique to Action, we track your delivery as if it’s our only delivery. Each morning Action’s constantly updated computer system produces a report that allows us to analyze our performance and fine tune our effort to better serve our customers. But that report doesn’t point out just our shortcomings, it also tells us where we’ve exceeded even our own expectations and how to apply those successes to your next delivery. Each manager and supervisor receives a copy of the report and that information permits them to continually "reinvent" the way that we do business. While no messenger or courier business can ever be perfect, we continue to strive to be even better. You will never find us resting on our laurels.

One way we keep our problems from occurring in the first place is with one of the most sophisticated tracking systems in the industry. Our exclusive "Five-Point Dispatch" system follows your job from the moment that it is placed until it’s delivered. We know where you job is at all times and if it might be delayed for any reason, we’ll let you know. We also know that any company’s real strength is in its people. Action Courier has the most experienced sales staff in the business. Many of our employees have been with Action 15 years or longer – unheard of among other courier companies. That means that the people you deal with today will be here tomorrow.

Our customer service representatives know you and your account. Our dispatchers route your job to the right courier. Many other companies use a "bidding" system, where the courier, not the dispatcher, is in charge of routing and prioritizing the delivery of your very important work. At Action, the contracted driver best able to get your package where it needs to go, when it needs to be there, delivers your job.

Finally, about our couriers: Action’s uniformed couriers represent your company professionally while on delivery. We’re so confident that they will get your delivery where it’s going on time, that we have the best delivery time frames in the business. All of this makes Action different from the rest.