• Action’s unique Five-Point Dispatch system (see below)
  • Action’s Quality Control team (see below)
  • Uniformed couriers
  • Our operations facility is staffed 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year
  • 100% digital cellular and data communications to couriers
  • Proof-of-delivery call back upon request
  • No extra charge for rush-hour deliveries
  • Liability insurance to protect your organization
  • Billing options include either paper or paperless invoices (paperless via e-mail or floppy disk)


  • 100% quality controlled — Proof-of-Delivery call back at your request
  • U.S. Post Office AM and PM service
  • Courts and government agency filings (see below for Action’s Filing Service)
  • In-house courier placement
  • Logistic services
  • Airport service
  • Inter-library loan
  • Routed deliveries
  • Facilities management
  • We can perform research and retrieve documents from courts, government agencies and libraries


As you can imagine, packages delivered to and from the White House receive a great deal of scrutiny. So in 1982 when the U.S. Secret Service asked us to devise a system for controlling deliveries, we designed and developed our unique "Five-Point Dispatch" system.

Five-Point Dispatch is central to Action Courier’s quality control program. Where others use quality control to solve problems after they happen, we head them off so they never happen in the first place.

We feel confident that the steps in our Five-Point Dispatch system will ensure that your valuable package will arrive where it is supposed to go, when it’s supposed to be there. However, we do understand that there may be circumstances which we cannot control that impact upon your delivery. That is where our quality control team takes over.


Our Quality Control Team is comprised of our most senior staff. Located in our dispatch center, their only job is to communicate with our customers when any problems may arise and to solve those problems quickly. As an Action Customer, you will get to know the team because our goal is for our team to become a valuable part of your team.

They know where your job is at all times and if it might be delayed, for any reason, they will let you know. When traffic, weather, or any other situation exists that may delay delivery, a member of our quality control team will contact you to advise you of the problem and provide an accurate estimate of when your package will be delivered. But their job does not end there.

If you have requested a proof-of-delivery by telephone, a member of our quality control team will call to let you know the time of delivery and who signed for your package.

At that point, our team records the delivery, how long it has taken, and any problems that have occurred along the way. At the end of the day a report is printed and distributed to all of the team and to management so that we can constantly improve our service. A service, by the way, that met the requirements of The White House.

We know how important your delivery is to you. Whether that delivery contains important government documents or a take-out dinner for a late night at the office, Action Courier will treat it like the Secret Service is looking over our shoulders.


When our customer service representatives receive your order, Action’s unique and sophisticated software recognizes the filing addresses and prompts them to ask the right question. How many filings? Are there extra rooms? Are originals and copies separated? Is the job a round trip? If you use our on site tracking software, you will automatically be prompted to enter questions pertaining only to filings. At that point our Five-Point Dispatch system takes over and monitors your filing from pick up through completion.

Our dispatchers are constantly in touch with the courier assigned to your filing, ensuring accurate, complete, on-time filings. After your filing is complete, the courier must verbally communicate to the dispatcher that all conditions have been met. Only then may the courier depart the location and return your completed filing. At Action, our filing systems software and attention to detail allows us to enjoy the highest success rate at processing filings in the business.