It’s a different world today than when Action Courier was founded in 1980. Utilizing the most current computer technology can determine whether your business succeeds or fails. In 1986, Action became the industry-wide innovator with the development of proprietary computer systems. Constantly updated to our customers’ needs, these systems permit you to place delivery orders from your office, follow up those orders with our state-of-the-art tracking, and tailor management and accounting reports to your individual needs, printing them as needed.

Once you key your job into the system, it is transmitted via modem to our dispatch center where it is electronically sent to the courier best able to deliver it on time. Your order is sent exactly as you entered it, directly to our courier, eliminating the miscommunication that plagues other courier companies. Once your delivery is complete, you will then automatically receive confirmation, electronically or by phone. Just one more advantage unique to Action.

Action's Remote Computer Access provides the following reports – and more:

  • Track and trace your deliveries
  • Provide quick, accurate proofs of delivery
  • Eliminate miscommunication – what you type goes directly to the courier who will deliver your package
  • Track your internal mail-room deliveries using our software
  • Automatically updated client list, including client/matter number and/or special instructions
  • Automatically retains your delivery locations
  • Sort every client alphabetically or by client code
  • Display and print summaries and reports by department or client/matter number
  • Provide a complete history of activity for any date range desired
  • Print back-billing invoices which can be presented to your clients
  • Select from more than 80 different management or accounting reports
  • Print full reports for easy reconciliation by your accounting department
  • New software designed for current Windows releases
  • Online ordering and tracking – click on the "order a pick up" button to the left